Zonecheck sprinkler

So kann der Strö- mungsmelder bei betriebsbereiter. Sprinkleranlage aus der Ferne betätigt und geprüft werden. A quick and simple, sustainable solution for performing flow-switch tests. Zonecheck Zonecheck Gemäß VdS CEA. Conventionally during a routine test.

Zonecheck sprinkler

Ein Strömungsmelder und eine automatische. Es bietet den schnellen, komfortablen Test von erforderlichen Strömungsmeldern in. Prüfeinrichtung in einer Einheit. Der Test erfolgt bei betriebsbereiter. Kann über ein Tableau leicht aus der Ferne.

Wir haben eine kostengünstige und VdS-gerechte Lösung den. Gviflow offers zonecheck systems which re-circulates water to stimulate sprinkler head operation. General Installation Recommendations. Before installing any waterflow-related device, be thoroughly familiar with: NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code. Saves up to 300L of water per test. NFPA 25: Inspection, Testing and. Accurately represents 1 sprinkler head in operation. Consistent flow rate – irrespective of system pressure.

It combines the flow switch and an automatic test system into one unit. Thus, the flow switch can be tested remotely while the sprinkler. Er specialist inom sprinklerlösningar! A green, sustainable, water and labor savings technology solution for all NYC buildings that perform routine sprinkler flow compliance tests. As always we are proud to introduce an innovative and cost-effective, NYC-approved. Products provide benefits for end user, contractor, consultant and environment.

Leading innovator in fire sprinkler technology. Bellcheck works by re-circulating water around the alarm-valve causing the clack to lift. Drawing water from above the clack. In doing so, the flow switch is tested without discharging water from or re-introducing fresh water into the sprinkler system.

For all applicable approvals, please. Flow-switches installed in a sprinkler system are required to be tested on a. We are working with Zeffire, an experienced distributor of equipment to the UK fire sprinkler contracting industry. Its compact design makes it ideal for homes and apartments, its easy to install and allows testing to be performed at the turn of a key. Further to this, each test is performed without wasting a drop of water.